Facial Warts

Treating Facial Warts

Facial warts are usually no different than warts which may appear at other places on the body. Warts are a non-cancerous viral infection, which causes the skin to thicken and become rough. While usually skin colored, some warts can take on different colors, including black. What makes facial warts somewhat special however, is the extra care that must be taken in attempting to cure or remove them. While a small scar resulting from the removal of a wart could be tolerated on the back of the hand or on a leg, a scar on the face is generally an unacceptable situation. In addition, some wart removing topical treatments are not safe to use on facial warts when in the vicinity of the eyes or the mouth.

Home Remedies - There have been home remedies for warts as long as there have been warts. Like home remedies for other conditions, some work for some people more so than for others. Some home remedies are claimed to be fast acting, while others take months, and a great deal of patience. For many generations, stump water was considered to be the best cure for warts. Whether stump water was effective or not has never been documented. In any event, stump water can be hard to come by, especially if one lives in the city or in the desert. A more modern home remedy which some claim works quite well is Super glue. Just a drop on a wart supposedly causes the wart to disappear in just a few days. Whether applying super glue to facial warts would be a good practice or not is hard to say, but it would seem best to first try it one a wart that appears elsewhere, to see what the final result might be.

Got Dandelion Milk? - Another approach is to apply a half of a raw potato to the wart. A rather novel variation of this is to plant the other half in the garden. After a few months the wart is supposed to have disappeared, and the potato in the garden has in the meantime grown into a plant yielding more potatoes. If the wart hasn't gone away, one still has a crop of potatoes. Other home remedies for which claims have been made as being effective are the sap of marigold stems, raw onion, and dandelion milk. Pineapple juice is yet another home remedy. At least some of these could probably safely be applied to facial warts. Herbal remedies seldom leave scars.

Over The Counter And Prescribed Treatments - As far as over the counter treatments are concerned, compounds containing salicylic acid are most commonly recommended. Glycolic acid is another chemical generally considered to be effective in wart removal. A novel approach which even a dermatologist may sometimes recommend is coating the wart with a known allergen. The theory behind this is the immune system will react to the presence of an allergen, attacking the allergen, and in the process attacking and destroying the wart. Laser surgery or nitrogen freeing are two other options, though the latter could result in some scarring, and would not in all cases be advisable for facial warts. If a wart is persistent or is located on the face in an area such as an eyelid, where home treatment is risky, the best course of action is to see a dermatologist.

Sometimes the wart itself solves the problem simply by disappearing on its own. When that occurs, especially if one has applied stump water to the wart, the stump water is going to get the credit, deservedly or not. No matter what is tried, warts sometimes seem to have unique personalities. Some leave quietly while others hang on and on, no matter what course of treatment is attempted or prescribed.